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 warrior training for mind & body

Simple to learn, easy to remember under the stress of personal threat. Improve physical and mental endurance, strength & power In the only Krav Maga Global Affiliate Training Center in Loudoun County.

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 Kore is Closed Saturday April 19th & Sunday April 20th.

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Early Registration is Open for the Young Warriors Summer Krav Maga Program serving children ages (7)8-11. Save and enroll before May 1, 2014! More Information Here!
Registration is OPEN for the next 4 Week Survey Course. Register now & discover the Krav Maga a lifestyle! Information & Registration Here

Kore Krav Maga

A Krav Maga Global Affiliate Training Center

Krav Maga Straight from the Source!

Kore Krav Maga is the only approved Krav Maga Global (KMG) affiliate in Loudoun County, Virginia. Headquartered in Israel, KMG is directed by Eyal Yanilov; the highest ranked Krav Maga practitioner in the world. Only a KMG Affiliate training center can test and certify practitioners recognized by the international KMG community. Kore Krav Maga Instructors are KMG certified. What does this mean? Learn More...

If you are looking for a place to train, read this article by Eyal Yanilov first.

Make Your Choice: Genuine or Fake

Kore Krav Maga
21670 Red Rum Drive, #169
Ashburn, VA 20147

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For All Ages and Experience Levels

P1/P2 (Basics)
Adult class open to all participants ages 13 and up (12 year olds may be accepted based on size/maturity). No matter what your fitness level is, or what your experience has been, this class will meet your fitness & self-defense training goals.

P3-P5 (Intermediate/Advanced)
Adult Class for Practitioner Ranks P2 and Above.

Combat Striking & Kickboxing
This is a 45 minute, cardio-intensive class for ages 12 and up. Increase endurance, build power, burn calories, & improve your self-defense with strong combatives.

Peaceful Warrior Yoga
This program begins with a basic beginner's class in which you will learn poses helping you to unify body, mind and spirit.

Women & Krav Maga
Krav Maga is the perfect self defense training for women. Taking into account differences in size, weight and power, Krav Maga is the easiest & most effective form of self-defense available.

Young Warriors
Summer Youth Program focusing on self-defense, fitness, anti-bullying, confidence & leadership through Loudoun County's ONLY Krav Maga Global affiliated training center.