Critical information on Self-defense

Did you know? Self-Defense is a legal term. It does not describe a type of martial art or personal protection training program. Self-Defense is literally an affirmative defense in the eyes of the law.  If you say "I acted in self defense" to anyone at any time you have publicly admitted to committing assault. That's a crime.

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Self-Defense in the state of Virginia:

Some jurisdictions have specific laws about what you can/cannot do when it comes to personal protection. Virginia does not. The closest thing you will find is a set of jury instructions used by our court system. As a result, understanding use of force and what justifies going "hands-on" must come through your self-defense instructor.

  • Is your training center knowledgeable about personal protection articulation skills?
  • Do your instructors know what Scaling Force means?
  • Do they have the background in the psychology of self-defense?
  • Do they understand stress response thresholds?
  • Does your training center have active law enforcement professionals on staff?

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