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Running Scenario Based Training with Rory Miller


Running Scenario Based Training

 Rory Miller

April 9th & 10th, 2016

The first time offered in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States: welcome to the only hands-on reality based self-defense scenario training course available to civilians. Run by Rory Miller & Chiron Training, you will gain invaluable experience on three levels: personal, professional (as a practitioner), and instructor. 

This is an instructor level course open to individuals who are not certified instructors And have Adequate training experience.

What does that mean? Experienced martial artists & martial art instructors, self-defense professionals/instructors, tactical instructors (civilian & LEO), and other professionals in personal safety who want to take their knowledge and experience to the next level.

Adequate Training Experience means practitioners 18 years and up with instructor (including assistant instructor) experience, or a combination of experience in martial arts that involves contact work with other practitioners (sparring, etc.). Law enforcement and other force professionals are also encouraged to attend - academy and OTJ training serving as "significant training" experience, etc. If you would like to attend the course and are not sure if you have thebackground, please feel welcome to call Tammy McCracken: 571.291.5084.

Personal: what do you do in an unknown situation when circumstances break bad? How will you react to a physical ambush? What happens to how you see, how you think, how you decide, how you act when you are operating in the Survival Stress Response (SSR)? Can you make a decision under adrenaline with the appropriate use of force? Including not using force at all when it really isn't needed? When the encounter is over, can you effectively articulate what happened and why any use of force you employed should be considered justified in our legal system?

Hopefully, the answers you have for these questions are based on training experiences instead of actual violent encounters. There is a downside to that upside. The deep primal instincts for survival live in a part of your brain that inherently distrusts the skills you learned in training. How do you get past this? How do you get the parts of your brain to trust each other so they can work together?


How do you get the experience without facing a real threat on the street? Run through hardcore scenarios that are not based on Hollywood fantasy about how violence happens and are left open to the constantly changing metric of violence rather than stuck on a predetermined script.

Professional: most of what we teach as scenario training in martial arts, close-quarter combat, empty-hand encounters, and weapons work is not scenario training. It is situational or environmental training. What's the difference? In situational and environmental training the situation is somewhat scripted and you already know what's coming - your job is to apply your skills to the known situation. This is valuable training, and it is not scenario training.

In authentic scenario work you will only get the information necessary to understand the context (you are meeting a friend for lunch, oh - and he has custody). For the person "in scenario" the rest is both unscripted and left to evolve.

In a dynamic and evolving reality, managing safety is both complex and absolutely critical. Physical safety and psychological safety are both necessary precautions. Chiron's approach holds the highest standards for both.

Instructor Level: Learning the what and the how at this depth of training is critical to running safe and effective scenarios. What defines a safe and effective scenario experience? The scenario participant discovers both his/her strengths as well as goals for continued training in the closest thing to a real encounter possible while maintaining both physical and psychological safety.

In the martial art profession there is often a question about "certification". Will this course give you any special certification? No. It will not. What you will get is more important. An honest and realistic understanding that will define whether or not you are ready to run scenario work. Most people who take this course the first time through complete it with this response "This course is a strong foundation and I am definitely not ready to do this with my students yet." More valuable than a piece of paper, this knowledge translates to an ethical instructor focused on creating powerful people.

The Course

  • Day One

A full day of classroom discussion, education and protocol development. The classroom portion is dynamic, thorough and fast-paced. If you take notes quickly in pen/paper mode, great. Otherwise, bring your laptop or tablet. You'll be glad you did. The academic portion of the course involves active homework. Completion of the homework is not optional. 

  • Day Two

Each participant in the course will have a unique scenario experience designed specifically for him/her by a scenario team. Each participant will also serve in every role of a professional scenario team as the day progresses. Each scenario will be debriefed at two levels. Level one is for the scenario participant to process the experience at a personal level. Level two is to debrief the team and the participant group as a whole regarding the effectiveness of the scenario, safety protocols and experience of serving in the specific team role served at that time.




  • Date: April 9th & April 10th
  • Time: 9:00 am to roughly 5 -6 pm each day
  • (lunch break will be adequate but short -it is recommended that you consider bringing your lunch)


  • April 9th: at Kore Krav Maga in Ashburn VA (20167 Red Rum Drive #169 Ashburn - 20147)
  • April 10th: Silver Eagle Group (44620 Guilford Dr #100, Ashburn, VA 20147)
  • We will be using their scenario house for the application day. Learn more about SEG here: Silver Eagle Group

Course Tuition:

While it's true this is the only course of its kind, we also want this training to be as accessible as possible. Analyzing the the raw costs of conducting the course we worked to keep the tuition as reasonable as possible. When you register, you take one of only 20 participant slots. We will create a wait-list once full. Cancellation policy: If you must cancel your registration we will refund 75% of your tuition before March 15th and 50% of your tuition from March 15th to April 1st. After April 1st, tuition is nonrefundable.

  • Early Registration: $450.00 (through March 20th, 2016)
  • Full Registration: $525.00 (after March 20th)
  • Numbers: remember, the course holds a maximum of 20 participants. Once the course fills, we will create a wait-list.
  • Law Enforcement & First Responders with verifiable credentials receive a 15% discount off tuition rates.

General Registration Link: Running Scenarios (early registration discount code: SCENARIOSEARLYREG) . To register with the early registration discount you need to use the coupon code above. The system should automatically discount your registration fee prior to check out. Law Enforcement professionals please contact Andi Boyer (, Member Support or Tammy McCracken (, Chief Instructor to get your specialized discount code or complete your registration over the phone.


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