The Kore Foundations Course

Next Course is Saturday September 9th, 2017


The next Kore Foundations Course is bootcamp style. This course  is the first step if you are considering joining our Self-Defense and Krav Maga Training Center. The Kore Foundations Course is designed to get you grounded in essential principles of self-defense, body movement/mechanics (essential for your long term health and your safety in training), introductory skills in the Krav Maga Global curriculum, and applicable force law. We anticipate two outcomes from your participation in this course:

1. This course completes your training goals.

  • At the end of the course you discover the basic introduction is all you were looking for, if this is the case, we will have been honored to be your choice for your introduction to self-defense training.

2. The foundation is only your beginning and you want more.

  • This course will be your first step, with a green light from the course instructor, you can join our training program. The course curriculum has been developed by Chief Instructor Tammy McCracken* in collaboration with Krav Mag Global's curriculum and Chiron Training's expertise in violence dynamics.
  • This is important: completing the course is not a guaranteed green light for membership. We are a top-tier training center and will not be a good fit for everyone. That being said, you do not need to have prior experience to train with us. Everyone starts somewhere and we love getting students at the ground floor. Participation in this course will help you and our instructor cadre reach a solid decision about what is the next, best step for you and your training goals. It may be with us. It may not be.

Why we require an entry course?

We are a credentialed Krav Maga Global training center & are fully endorsed by Self-Defense expert Rory Miller.  As a result, you will be training in the most elite Krav Maga system in the world with operations in over 60 countries. If you choose to continue your self-defense training by joining our program, then at the end of the course, you'll have a couple of options for moving forward with your training goals.

  • You'll receive personalized feedback about your readiness for our KMG certified training program including, mobility, flexibility, understanding of self-defense principles, the primary goals of self-defense training and foundational skills applicable to our Krav Maga martial arts program.

The feedback will include a recommendation to either jump in to another round of the Foundations Course, or a recommendation to move forward into our membership training program. You sign up through either a monthly fee basis or a pay-per-class pass. Training toward certification levels as a KMG Practitioner is something nearly everyone is capable of achieving but you can also choose to pursue a purely self-defense track which only requires passing the first skills assessment with KMG (there is an independent SD Assessment conducted in-house).

  • Like all things worth having, it comes with hard work and commitment. Safety on our mat is our highest priority along side excellence in instruction and training. Students who struggle to adhere to the safety (and attitude) expectations of the training center will be encouraged to consider a different martial art track or to give the Kore Course another go.

Course Cost: $150.00

Additional Family Members: 50% discount

*About Tammy Yard-McCracken, Psy.D., course author: Dr. McCracken trained and tested for her Expert Certification in Israel. She is one ofonly 10 Krav Maga Global Experts in the United States. She works directly forKrav Maga Global headquarters in Israel as coordinator of the women's training division. She is also a collaborative associate with Rory Miller at Chiron Training and has published several articles on related topics. Additionally, she is a licensed psychotherapist with background in trauma and violence.

 Dr. McCracken is also available for speaking engagements and training seminars.

Dr. McCracken is also available for speaking engagements and training seminars.