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Tammy is owner & Global Solutions Director of Personal Defense Industries, LLC and Chief Instructor at Kore Krav Maga (a subsidiary of PDI). She is a Certified Instructor with Krav Maga Global (KMG), and Rory Miller's Chiron Training. She is the KMG International Women's Division Coordinator. She was the first female KMG instructor certified on the East Coast and is one 3 Women in the U.S. to hold an EXPERT rank with KMG. With a doctorate in psychology, she brings her understaning of human behavior and neurobiology into every class she teaches.

She is a respected speaker in the field of Violence Dynamics and was a requested presenter at the Washington D.C, Airline Pilots Association Safety and Security Forum and served as a consultant to ALPA's Safety/Security Council roundtable. She has also provided expert court testimony in cases related to actions of self-defense.

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The Details: Tammy has over 300 hours of instructor training directly under Eyal Yanilov, the highest ranking practitioner in the world, She carries additional specialization as a Women's Instructor and Kids/Youth Krav Maga Instructor with KMG. She has also particapated in the Combat Mindset instructor training taught by Eyal Yanilov and developed by Military Psychologist Ole Boe (Norway).

She is certified as an instructor with Chiron Training's Rory Miller, author of Meditations on Violence, Facing Violence, Conflict Communications, etc. & is the first licensed facilitator of Conflict Communication programming authored by Marc MacYoung & Rory Miller. She has co-authored articles and programing with Miller and continues to work with Chiron Training.

Additionally, Tammy holds a doctorate of psychology. She is licensed as a professional counselor and is certified as an executive/life coach and leadership development trainer. With a bachelor's degree in education, teaching is a strength she brings to the mat with all her students.

Tammy has provided on-site training for a variety of organizations and can be contacted for speaking/training seminars. She is a contracted instructor with the Silver Eagle Group, one of the top 10 ranges in the United States, a sample of additional organizations she has worked with include:

  • Northrup Grumman
  • Silver Eagle Group, NOVA Firing Range & Training Center
  • Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, & Flom, LLP
  • WIFL National Conference (Women in Federal Law Enforcement)
  • Crossing the Jordan, Human Trafficking Recovery Program
  • Reston Virginia, Chamber of Commerce Women in Business
  • Washington DC Metro Area Synagogues
  • Violence Dynamics Trianing Conference Team


Dan is a certified instructor with Krav Maga Global. With over 200 hours of instructor development training with KMG and passing one of the most rigorous instructor qualification testings in the industry, he lends his support to the development team as an acting law enforcement consultant & regular instructor. He has trained directly with Eyal Yanilov and brings over 23 years in law enforcement at the local and federal levels...

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Dan is the law enforcement conusltant to Kore's training program. Currently, Dan serves the United States as a Supervisory Federal Law Enforcement Professional. During his local law enforcement career he served as a SWAT Team Leader and was the lead tactics instructor for his team. He has instructor certifications in multiple law enforcement areas and has served as a scenario based trainer among various other special assignments throughout the world.

Dan is the Chief Integration Consultant & Human Security Architect for Kore Krav Maga's parent company, Personal Defense Industries, LLC. He holds a master's degree in International Affairs & Conflict Resolution. He has also been certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer through Baylor College of Sports Medicine, a Primal Move® instructor, and assists with the development of our cardio/fitness programs.


Rory Miller

Rory Miller serves as consigliere to Kore Krav Maga's chief instructor, Tammy McCracken and to the Kore Leadership team as a whole. Rory has several published titles (including Meditations on Violence) and is in demand as an instructor & lecturer at the international level.

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As "consigliere", advisor to Kore Krav Maga, Rory supports the training programs as Subject Matter Expert in Violence Dynamics and advisor to curriculum development/programming in the self-defense program. Kore's foundations of self-defense course, The Kore Training Course, is a product of the Rory's collaboration with our Chief Instructor, Tammy McCracken. For more information on Rory Miller, his training series and published works we encourage you to visit his website: Chiron Training.

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Brian Mason is a Certified Instructor with Krav Maga Global. He carries specialization certification as a Women's Instructor with KMG. He is also a certified Kids/Youth Instructor and Lead Instructor of Kore's children & youth training program. He has trained under Eyal Yanilov and other members of the acclaimed international instructor team. Brian is an inaugural member of Kore Krav Maga, joining the training program while Kore was operating out of borrowed space as our permanent home was under construction.

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He has a unique understanding of what it takes to work from ground zero to become a high performing practitioner. He shares with students how training in Krav Maga has improved his physical health, but also how it has improved his capacity for managing stress and comfort level in difficult situations in all areas of life.

As Lead Instructor in our youth program, Brian is core member of the Young Warriors instructional team, Loudoun County's only Krav Maga program for children and youth. He is responsible for training developing instructors in our youth program and has created the first sparring program for children.

Outside of his training and teaching with Kore Krav Maga, Brian is an IT Specialist and a member of the community surrounding Kore Krav Maga's reach. In addition to Krav Maga, Brian enjoys paintball and is a beta tester for one of the paintball industry's leading manufacturers.



Amy Maxwell is a certified instructor with Krav Maga Global. She has trained under Eyal Yanilov and other members of the acclaimed international instructor team.

Amy began training at Kore Krav Maga in our first 6 months of operation and has been an integral element in our efforts to increase the number of female instructors here in the area & in the U.S. She utilizes her understanding of goal development and what it takes to accomplish difficult tasks in her work with students on the mat.

She is one of our key instructors in our First Friday program -

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Professionally, Amy is a corporate trainer, a certified transformational trainer and life coach. She has traveled internationally as a trainer and brings a message of hope in impoverished communities around the globe.



Andrea (Andi) Boyer is a certified instructor with Krav Maga Global and Kore Krav Maga's Member Support Specialist. She is also a certified health coach and has over 15 years experience as a pilates instructor. Her deep understanding of movement in the human body provides invaluable expertise to our students.

Andi is also one of the primary instructors of our foundations course, required of all prospective members. Her deep understanding of movement is applied to new students to help them understand their strengths and adapt training in light of limitation or injury.

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As member support specialist, she is certified to facilitate the entry course required of all new students to Kore's training program. She supports the family sense of community (known as our "tribe") and is a touchpoint of stability for all our students. She teaches our newest students - one of the toughest instructor roles within a training center.



Jesse Boyer is a certified instructor with Krav Maga Global. He is a valuable member of our instructor cadre and is one of our core instructors for the Kore Training Course, the required foundations program for all new students.

He is a powerful example of someone who understands good tactical thinking never relies on shere power & size. From a career perspective, Jesse has worked in the financial industry, including a stint at the world bank. What this means on the mat? He posesses a depth in understanding human behavior when confronting something with multi-layered levels of importance and personal meaning. If you are training in self-defense, this knowledge is a valuable element.

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At well over 6 feet tall, Jesse's athletic career spans back to his college days as an Olympic level men's volleyball player. He has a distinguished career in banking/finance with acclaimed leadership skills. He is an ardent proponent of people building their own perosnal strength but will come to the aid when needed as a staunch protector.