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Kore Krav Maga KMG Affiliate Membership

Build mental toughness, emotional/physical endurance, and improve fitness while training with the most elite Krav Maga system in the world. Your instructors pass the most rigourous training standards in the industry. What's more? The instructor training requirements far surpass what most Law Enforcement instructor certification programs require for professionals in their own industry!

After your first testing, you become a member of the Krav Maga Global system. You are part of the original and therefore, most elite Krav Maga training system in the world.

It Matters.  Training is fun and in the back of your mind, you know you are training in self-defense. Train in a system untested and without a proven record of life-saving success among students and your fun hobby becomes a liability.

The Kore Krav Maga Training Program:

  • Unlimited Krav Maga Classes in all rank-appropriate training. New students and ranked students up through Practitioner Level 3 train in Basics and All-Level classes.
  • Unlimited Combat Kickboxing & Striking Classes to build your combat mindset and your cardio endurance
  • Pass your P2 Testing? You the contact combat sparring class is open to you too!
  • Membership includes Peaceful Warrior Yoga on Sundays
  • One-on-one tutorials before testings in our Open Mat nights
  • 1 Free 30 Minute Private Lesson every 6 months.
  • Free Participation in all member seminars
  • Discounts on training gear ordered through Kore vendors.
  • Member Discounts on special guest training programs.
  • NO Term Contract. Cancel your membership at any time with a 30 Day Notice
  • Signing Up? You get our new member package including 2 training shirts & a pair of training pants and our member packet.
  • Coming Soon: a member's only section to the Kore Website.

What are some of the skills in the KMGCurriculum?

  • defenses against chokes & grabs
  • defenses against punches & kicks
  • defenses against multiple attackers
  • defenses against bearhugs (grabs from front/behind)
  • basic defenses against common stick-type attacks
  • multiple striking/kicking patterns, integrating combatives into defensive patterns
  • complex decision making dynamics with repeated attacks
  • managing multiple threats with multiple types of attack, including weapons
  • defenses against active stabbing/edged weapon attacks
  • defenses against threats with handguns/long guns
  • defenses against an experienced attacker (a trained fighter)
  • application of complex skills in situations with rapidly changing dynamics

What's the Cost?

Our Trial Pass Is $24.99 + Free Shirt. Sign Up for the Trial Pass Here.

Membership Training Program tuition rates are available through email or a quick phone call.  Law Enforcement, Active Military, Fire/EMS, and Teachers receive a substantial discount on the membership rate. Members earn discounts for children participating in our Kore Warriors Accredited Youth Program.

Give us a call: 571.291.5084