Kore Krav Maga is the Personal Defense Industries, physical training center located in Loudoun County, Virginia. Owner and Chief Insructor Tammy McCracken is an Expert Ranked Krav Maga Global practitioner, one of only 3 women in North America to earn this rank and as of June 2016, one of only 10 Expert ranked practitioners in the United States.

Kore is a Krav Maga Global affiliated training center but is more than just Krav Maga. Chief Instructor McCracken works collaboratively with Chiron Training to create a principle based self-defense training program complimenting the physical skills in Krav Maga Global's curriculum. A strong instructor team coaches students of all levels to exceed their own expectations.

Training begins with a trial pass and a foundations course. Before you step on the mat, we encourage you to meet our team.